At a time such like this, when every aspect of our lives is being challenged, we look for sources of strength and resilience to help us navigate the unknowns of this pandemic. While we are all vulnerable to COVID-19, we are also guarded by the fortitude of our loved ones and our community.

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What is hospice?

Hospice is a part of the health care continuum that focuses on improving the quality of life of patients approaching the end of life.

  • It allows them to live life to the fullest by providing skilled comfort care and symptom management.
  • It offers caregivers and family members the physical, emotional, and spiritual support necessary to continue providing the best possible care for their loved ones.

At Prince George’s Hospice, we tailor this care to every patient and their family’s needs, making sure that skill, compassion, and cultural competence are the foundations of the care we offer to those living with an advancing life-limiting illness in Prince George’s County.

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